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Indie Gala Catering is a distinguished Indian Luxury Catering company, specializing in curating exceptional high-end local and destination events. Established in 2018, Indie Gala had its roots intertwined with the critically acclaimed modern Indian restaurant, Aarzu, based in New Jersey. Emerging as a wing of Aarzu, Indie Gala Catering began its journey by providing remarkable culinary experiences that mirrored the excellence of its parent establishment in the vibrant state of New Jersey. Recognizing the growing demand and distinct potential in the realm of outdoor catering, Indie Gala Catering soon embarked on a path of its own, crafting exceptional moments and celebrations that redefine luxury and sophistication. Indie Gala Catering has emerged as a premier provider of exquisite culinary experiences, elevating a wide range of occasions from corporate gatherings to social events, with weddings as its flagship service. Our commitment to crafting 5-star dinner and food experiences has positioned us as a trailblazer in the luxury event catering landscape.

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